Monday, April 22, 2013

Twisted Perfection by Abbi Glines Blog Tour Excerpt and iPad Mini Giveaway!!!

Life outside of her house was a new experience for Della Sloane. The dark secrets of her past weren’t something she ever intended to share with anyone. They would never understand. No one would ever get close enough to find out. There was always a chance she’d go crazy sooner than they expected…

Woods Kerrington had never been one to be attracted to fragile females. They seemed like too much work. He wasn’t in it for the work just the pleasure. A night full of naughty fun had been exactly what was on his mind when he’d laid eyes on the hot little number that didn’t know how to pump gas and needed some help.

What he didn’t know was she was as fragile as they came.
The carefree girl who spoke her mind and didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine…


Della took a sip of her margarita and smiled at me. “So, Woods, what do you do for a living?”

     I wasn’t answering that truthfully. I didn’t like to give women too much info into my life unless I planned on keeping one around. “I work in management.”

     Della didn’t frown or look perturbed that I’d blown off her question. She kept smiling and sipping the sweet yellow drink.

     “Obviously you aren’t ready for the hard questions. I’m good with that. How about you tell me what you love to do.”

     “Golf, when I get time, and taking really hot females out to eat Mexican food,” I replied with a smirk.

     Della threw her head back and laughed. She was so free of inhibitions. She wasn’t trying to impress me. It was refreshing. Her eyes twinkled when she looked back at me. “What’s your biggest fear?”

     Whoa. Weird turn of questioning. “I don’t think I have any fears,” I replied.

     “Sure you do. Everyone does,” she said before licking at the salt around her glass.

     Did she have fears? It sure didn’t look like it. “Becoming my dad,” I said before I could stop myself. That was too much for her to know. More than I admitted to anyone.

     A far away expression came over her face as she stared over my shoulder. “That’s odd. My fear is that I’ll become my mom.”

     Her big blue eyes blinked rapidly and a smile came back on her face. Where ever she’d gone mentally she was back. Thinking about her mom wasn’t something she wanted to do and I understood that.

     “What do you love to do?” I asked her wanting to change the subject back to something light.

     “Dance in the rain, meet knew people, laugh, watch old eighties movies, and I like to sing,” she replied then smiled at me before taking another sip. At this rate she was going to get hammered if I didn’t watch her closely.


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  1. I can't believe I still haven't read an Abbi Glines book! I really like the cover of this one! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Oh Beth. You don't know how much I'm looking forward to reading this book! *smirks* :D


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