Friday, July 19, 2013

S.K. Falls Author of Secret for a Song Interview

A few months back I read Secret for a Song. I loved it and was so intrigued by it and its characters that I had to know more about it and the author. So here's my interview to S.K. Fall. Follow her on Twitter, like her author Facebook page and don't forget to visit her site

S.K. Falls
  • What or who inspired you to write Secret For A Song? 

I’m a huge psychology buff; I majored in it in college. When the idea for a character with Munchausen popped into my head one day, I couldn’t get the idea to go away. I was enthralled with the idea of creating an unlikeable character. People with Munchausen struggle with a lot of different issues, a personality disorder being one of them. I did some reading on the subject, and was even more fascinated with what I found. So I ended up writing down a loose plot outline, and the rest is history. :)

  • Is Secret For A Song a standalone novel?

Yes, it is. I don’t have any plans for another story for Saylor, though I’ve heard you should never say never. ;)

  • Was it hard writing Saylor's character? 

Yes and no. In some ways I’d had her in my head for so long as I was writing that I knew how she’d react in almost every situation. She was my constant companion through the day’s chores and activities, and I had her “voice” going in my head 24/7. So, in that way, it was easy to get her reactions down on paper. It was simultaneously hard, though, because Saylor has a lot of flaws. I’d never quite written a character like her—one who is so obviously doing the wrong thing and is cognizant of the fact. That was an interesting line to toe.

  • Was it hard writing about Saylor's relationship with her mother? 

At times. There were times that, even though I was the one creating the scenes and writing them, I wanted to throw something at the two of them. :) On the other hand, I wanted to be able to show Saylor’s side of things—how she felt she was completely inconsequential and how her mother (sometimes unknowingly) reinforced that idea. I wanted readers to be able to somewhat understand why someone might develop a fictitious disorder. So in that way, it was a relief to be able to tell that side of things.

  • Did you know how Secret For A Song was going to end from the beginning? 

I did! Without giving too much away for those who haven’t read it, I was 100% sure about how I wanted it to end, and that so rarely happens for me. But this time it felt right, and I knew it had to be this way.

  • What projects are you working on at the moment? And if you could can you tell us a little bit about it? 

I’m in the process of releasing a serial novel one episode at a time. It’s a new adult paranormal romance, and the omnibus—novel length, called Fevered Souls—will be released this August. I’m so excited about that one. I’m also planning on another contemporary new adult “issue” book; this one will be heavy on the romance. I’m planning a release date of late October for that one. Squee!

Thanks so much for having me! J I’m so glad you enjoyed Secret for a Song!

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