Monday, March 10, 2014

Transcendence by Shay Savage Review


It’s said that women and men are from two different planets when it comes to communication, but how can they overcome the obstacles of prehistoric times when one of them simply doesn’t have the ability to comprehend language?

Ehd’s a caveman living on his own in a harsh wilderness. He’s strong and intelligent, but completely alone. When he finds a beautiful young woman in his pit trap, it’s obvious to him that she is meant to be his mate. He doesn’t know where she came from; she’s wearing some pretty odd clothing, and she makes a lot of noises with her mouth that give him a headache. Still, he’s determined to fulfill his purpose in life – provide for her, protect her, and put a baby in her.

Elizabeth doesn’t know where she is or exactly how she got there. She’s confused and distressed by her predicament, and there’s a caveman hauling her back to his cavehome. She’s not at all interested in Ehd’s primitive advances, and she just can’t seem to get him to listen. No matter what she tries, getting her point across to this primitive, but beautiful, man is a constant – and often hilarious – struggle. 

With only each other for company, they must rely on one another to fight the dangers of the wild and prepare for the winter months. As they struggle to coexist, theirs becomes a love story that transcends language and time.

Hmm... This was such a weird book. I don't know how a stumble upon this one to be honest. I think someone on Twitter or Facebook said something good about it and I decided to give it a try. I usually read some reviews of books I'm about to read, but with Transcendence I just went for it. At first I was fascinated by Ehd and his surroundings. It got even better when Beh came in the picture. But the book kind of went south when I realized that Ehd couldn't understand a word that was coming out Beh's mouth. The book has very little dialogue. When I say little, I'm talking about just 1 word conversations, and it was usually the same word. I got frustrated fast. 

The no dialogue thing wasn't the only thing that I didn't enjoy about the book. Ehd was OBSESSED with putting a baby inside Beh. He thought about that for 80% of the book. I don't know if the author thought that it was going to be a turn on for readers, but that wasn't the case at all. This guy was on a mission, and he was going to put a baby inside of Beh yes or yes. But even after that I couldn't let go of the book. I just couldn't. I wanted to know how she got there. In a way,  I was obsessed with finding out the truth behind Beh.

Thankfully after 60% or so the plot starts to get very interesting. Then it gets even more interesting but instead of letting me enjoy the awesome last part of the book the author decides to skim through it all and the plot goes fast forward. It kind of left me devastated. UNTIL I read the last chapter. That chapter was 5 stars! I absolutely loved it! 

I don't even know how I feel about this book. I loved some parts and hated some. Because of that I won't be rating Transcendence. I do have a list of thing I wish were incorporated in the book. 

  • I would have been ok with Ehd not understanding Beh if only the author would have included either Beh POV or some of her dialogues. I wanted to know what was going through her mind and what she was saying to Edh so bad! 
  • More action.
  • More hunting! 
  • More characters.

If you are looking for something very different, and you are a patient person I recommend this for you. If the author writes a companion book with Beh's POV, I will definitely read it.


  1. I haven't heard of this one, but I know I am not a patient person, so I am not sure I will pick this one up!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. This book is definitely not for everyone. But it was a new reading experience. At the end I don't regret it.

  2. You know something? I'm oddly interested. I think I'm going to download this book just to see what went down in the last chapter.

    1. I think you are the perfect person to read this Joy. You are so patient with books. I know you will finish it but I'm not sure if you'll like it. I hope you do. Because event though this book wasn't perfect I kind of miss Horny Ehd.

  3. This is the first time I've heard of this book and honestly it sounds completely bizarre. I think I'll pass, even though I'm intrigued!

  4. Yeah, this sounds . . . strange. I tried to read something else by the author, I don't remember what it was called, but it was about a shipwreck, and two people surviving on a raft, etc. It was gross, LOL. But I'll definitely put this on my "something different" wishlist. Great review!

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  5. Um.... this sounds so weird. I think the "no dialogue" thing would have turned me off... I don't know if I would read this, but great review!

  6. Hm. I have my doubts about this one. I guess the baby thing was supposed to reflect the cultural differences and the different set of priorities, but I can see how it would fall flat. Honestly, it sounds a bit awful.
    I doubt I'll be picking this up, but thank you for the very interesting review!


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