Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory: Review

When Henry Tudor picks up the crown of England from the mud of Bosworth field, he knows he must marry the princess of the enemy house—Elizabeth of York—to unify a country divided by war for nearly two decades.

But his bride is still in love with his slain enemy, Richard III—and her mother and half of England dream of a missing heir, sent into the unknown by the White Queen. While the new monarchy can win power, it cannot win hearts in an England that plots for the triumphant return of the House of York.

Henry’s greatest fear is that somewhere a prince is waiting to invade and reclaim the throne. When a young man who would be king leads his army and invades England, Elizabeth has to choose between the new husband she is coming to love and the boy who claims to be her beloved lost brother: the rose of York come home at last.

History is very repetitive. I've learned that after watching many TV shows and reading The White Princess. If it's not a boy proclaiming to be a lost Prince, it's someone trying to steal the crown from the current King. It's a never ending battle. I also learned that I wouldn't have survived long in the 1400s. I have this feeling that I would've gotten my head sliced off for telling the king to piss off.

I decided to read the white princess after binge watching the white queen. I adored it and because I heard that they were planning to do a second season based on the white princess I just couldn't help myself. I was very impressed! The book is very easy to read and after getting used to the character's names (because everybody has the same names!) I was golden. I also love books that inspire me to learn. This book is one of them. I couldn't help myself from googling the characters and what happened to them. I watched documentaries based on some of the characters in the book!!! Can't you tell I enjoyed myself while reading this book? I had a blast!

Something disappointing about the white princess is the fact that women didn't have much say in anything. I hated the fact that Elizabeth had to walk on eggshells around Henry. It just pissed me off! But that's the way things were back then. I'm just happy to be born when and where I was born. I also wish Elizabeth had a little bit of a backbone. She was blind when it came to her mother plotting against the king. Her mother told her that she was never going to give up. But every time that the king accused her mom she would be all "my mother? NEVER!" It got old pretty quickly. Another thing that disappointed me a little was that I was expecting more romance than what I got. But even with these minor things I truly enjoyed myself, and I'm definitely reading more books from this author.


  1. It really was sad how little rights women had back then. makes me very thankful for the times we live in.

  2. Once upon a time, I couldn't get enough of Ms. Gregory's books. I've moved on from the Tudors since then. Sigh. I kinda miss it.

  3. Sigh. This is on my list, but I'm not sure when I'll get to it. A wonderful review :)

  4. I'm not one for historical fiction , but I will admit that I am a fan of the show. It's awesome to know that they may just develop a new season based on this. Great review.

    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms.

  5. Nice! This one is popping up everywhere it seems! Have read soooo many great reviews. Like after the third review I think! Just haven't gotten to read it yet! Great review!

  6. Nice! This one is popping up everywhere it seems! Have read soooo many great reviews. Like after the third review I think! Just haven't gotten to read it yet! Great review!

  7. It's been a long time since I've read a Philippa Gregory book, and THE WHITE PRINCESS has made me want to pull up a few from her backlist. If you're a fan of her Cousins' War series, I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. Drama starts on page one and doesn't stop until the last page.

    Ford Clutches

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