Monday, January 16, 2012

Lightbringer by K.D. McEntire

LightbringerThe Never is a place of greys, a world a breath beyond our own, layered just past the memories of yesterday and the fleeting present moment. It is here, in this dismal limbo, that ghosts such as Piotr, Lily, and Elle must sort out an existence, both protecting the children called Lost and themselves from the walking darkness that is the army of rotting Walkers. 

Caught between her duty to her calling as the Lightbringer and her concern for her new ghostly friends, Wendy must walk the line between the two worlds, aiding Piotr in his fight against the Walkers as well as searching out the wandering soul of the one who means the most to her. Time, however, is running out and in the end... who will she choose?

What a fantastic read! Everything about Lightbringer is enthralling. Wendy can see dead people. How fascinating is that? She even sees her dead cat. I particularly loved when she described her cat being friendlier now than when he was alive. I loved her character and how she wouldn’t give up searching for her mom. I LOVED Piotr and his world.

I have to say that what caught my eye was the cover. I think it’s a perfect representation of the book. It has this creepy and eerie feeling to it. The concept is very original and K.D. McEntire’s writing is fresh and very young adult friendly. Everything about Lightbringer was dark and amazing! This book has it all.

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