Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tangled (Torn Trilogy #2) by Erica O'Rourke

A month ago, Mo Fitzgerald risked her life to stop an ancient prophecy and avenge her best friend's murder. Now, she only wants to keep her loved ones safe. But the magic—and the Chicago Mob—have other plans.

Mysterious, green-eyed Luc is back, asking for help—and a second chance. Colin, her strongest protector, is hiding a shocking secret. And inside Constance, the magic is about to go terribly wrong. Tangled in a web of love and betrayal, Mo must choose between the life she's dreamed of and the one she's destined for.

FINALLY! A book with a freaking love triangle that’s actually a love triangle. Gah! I’m just so excited that this book was so different. Often I find myself picking out whom the main character will end up with. I think if the heroine has some kind of feeling for two male characters the reader should feel the same way. It seems pointless if the reader knows whom she’ll pick at the end. Why add a guy the heroine or the reader won’t even consider and complicate the plot? Fortunately, Tangled is nothing like any other books I've ever read. 

Here we have two strong male characters. Both gorgeous, with qualities all readers love (or at least me). Mo has no idea who she will choose and I’m as lost as she is. In Torn the first book in the series I was Team Colin. Why? I really don’t know. He’s just amazing and the way he treats Mo is so gentle. Then for part of Tangled I was Team Luc. Now I’m Team Coluc. Get it? I can’t choose!

I’m going to try to review the plot without any spoilers. I liked that it was fast paced. I do feel bad for Mo because she gets out of a mess to get stock in another. Regardless the plot moves fast and it makes sense. I love how she’s almost living two separate lives without people in her “normal” live knowing. You guys need to read this series! It would be a crime to miss out on the steamy love triangle and an amazing read.

To Author:

Dear Erica,

First of all, you are amazing! Second, I have a problem and I think I have the solution. So, just hear me out. K?  Mo shouldn't have to choose at the end between Colin and Luc. You are the creator of this awesome world and you can make things easy for her. Here’s how I think you should solve the problem:

Fuse Colin and Luc together! C’mon you can make that happen. Blame it on the magic or something.

You are welcome,


P.S. Make sure this creature has Colin’s guns!


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