Thursday, October 18, 2012

Down to You by M. Leighton

Down to YouRating: 3.5/5 Stars

The scorching tale of one girl, two brothers and a love triangle…that’s not.
Olivia Townsend is nothing special. She’s just a girl working her way through college so she can return home to help her father run his business. She’s determined not to be the second woman in his life to abandon him, even if it means putting her own life on hold. To Olivia, it’s clear what she must do. Plain and simple. Black and white.

But clear becomes complicated when she meets Cash and Nash Davenport. They’re brothers. Twins.
Cash is everything she’s always wanted in a guy. He’s a dangerous, sexy bad boy who wants her in his bed at any cost. He turns her insides to mush and, with just one kiss, makes her forget why he’s no good for her.

Nash is everything she’s ever needed in a guy. He’s successful, responsible and intensely passionate. But he’s taken. Very taken, by none other than Marissa, Liv’s rich, beautiful cousin. That doesn’t stop Olivia from melting every time he looks at her, though. With just one touch, he makes her forget why they can never be together.

Black and white turns to shades of gray when Olivia discovers the boys are hiding something, something that should make her run as far and as fast as she can. But it’s too late to run. Olivia’s already involved. And in love. With both of them.

Both brothers make her heart tremble. Both brothers set her body on fire.

She wants them both.

And they want her.

How will she ever choose between them?

I read Down to You just because of the summary. I think it was a well written summary and it screams READ ME! If you read it you’ll know there’s a plot twist and that there’s hot twins in the book. I have to let you know that I’m bad with books/movies that have big twists or secrets. I get desperate and I have to know like NOW how it will end. I couldn't just go with the flow and enjoy the book like a normal person would. Nope, by the end of chapter 5 I found out what the big secret was. I mean, it was kind of obvious if you know what you are looking for. But I kept reading because I wanted to know the why of the secret and maybe because Nash and Cash were indeed pretty interesting.

Despite of me finding out the secret, Down to You was a good read. It was an original fast read. There were little things here and there that I didn't like too much, like the use of the word “effin”. Olivia is a grown woman and she is saying things like: “Ohmigod, he was so effin’ hot!” and “Sweet hell, he’s effin’ gorgeous!” If you don’t want to say the “F” word then don’t use a silly substitute like “effin’ for it. To me it felt out of place. Olivia also had her moments were I wanted to… not kill her because she was ok but, maybe slap here a little bit? For example Nash is in  a relationship and she wants him BUT, she says she’s not that kind of woman but still, she is. There were more than one occasion were she basically throws herself at him. If there something I hate more than anything is double standards.

Cash and Nash were perfect! They made this book for me. If you like fast paced writing and twists and turns in a book then this is for you. And oh yes, this is definitely NOT a Young Adult book.


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  1. Sounds sexy good, just like the cover! I can forgive a little obvious plotting if there is plenty of hot guy...sounds like there is. ;)


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