Thursday, May 31, 2012

MERGE Blog Tour: Long Way Down Excerpt and Giveaway

Today I'll be featuring an excerpt of Long Way Down by Yvonne Reid. Don't forget to visit 1889 Lab for more info on the other Blog Tour stops. Remember to enter the GIVEAWAYS. You can win an iPad and so many awesome goodies!! You will find the Rafflecopter forms and details  below. 

Long Way Down by Yvonne Reid: Excerpt

“You’re not with the police,” she whispered.

“I’m more of a free agent, yeah.”

There were tears in her massive green eyes. “I’m not—”

“Save it,” he said. “I don’t care.”

He flicked more ash onto the quilt, and suddenly the pupils in her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared. Her fingers curled, digging into the edges of the chair, cutting through the quilt and revealing torn upholstery underneath.

“I could kill you,” she said, her voice taking on a growl. “You have no idea what you’re messing with.”

“Ah,” he said, dabbing his cigarette into the tea cup.

“Cat’s out of the bag.”

She laughed bitterly, flashed her teeth. “I won’t go. You can’t make me go.”

“Oh, I can, and I will,” Harrison said, not looking at the gun at all, which said everything. “You’re feline, yes? What triggers it? Adrenaline?”

“I trigger it,” she said.

“Not within three months,” he said, shaking his head. “Adrenaline sets it off, which is why you’ve been taking night shifts the last few weeks, and why this place is just bubbling over with calm and relaxation. You’re afraid of what you might do.”

“I’m not afraid of what I might do to you,” she said, standing up suddenly. But for her eyes and the way she held herself, there was no indication she might turn into a massive she-cat at any moment. But the body language, the way she was curling her fingers as if to strike, that was more than enough.

She could kill, and she knew it.



Yvonne began life as a technical writer in the consumer electronics sector, where she learned vital skills such as character development, plot, and dramatic tension. In recent years, she has given up that artistic background for the more hum-drum life of a novelist. She lives with her dog and parakeet in the midwest, where bread-maker manuals are the main source of entertainment. For more information, visit


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Winners will be announced on June 20th, 1889 Labs' 6th birthday.

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2 ebook copies of Long Way Down. Giveaway ends 6/15


  1. 'She laughed bitterly, flashed her teeth. “I won’t go. You can’t make me go.”' - A simple truth so elegantly stated. I think there's something in that for all of us....

  2. I want more! This is a teaser excerpt as it doesn't really tell us much but just enough so we want more....

  3. She has so much feelings contained and I like that. It's going to be intense when she does unleash them.

  4. "She could kill, and she knew it." good way to end the excerpt!

  5. Amazing excerpt!!! Thank you for the giveaway and tour.

  6. a cat girl! :D sigh! i want more of that excerpt..a chapter or two maybe..haha or perhaps the whole book! lol she's fierce, i like it!

  7. It looks so intriguing! Now I'm really curious about it!

  8. Great excerpt. Think I will have to read this book! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  9. The cat puns had be groaning, but also looking for more.

  10. You know what?? Fisrt Time I read the Title.. I just Said " God! I wan't thet iPad!!!" xD .. then.. I was thinking again.. it's Open Only for US and Canada Only or it'l be open Internationally?? #begging #cozI'mInternational...

    and now.. I'm here.. without thinking it only for US and Canada or it'll open Internationally.. hahahha...

    Thank's for the Giveaway.. More success for You!! ^^

  11. Nice giveaway and great teaser.

    I got the first week compilation and I wish I had more time right now to read all the stories, but I have to wait. I do have time for a small comment here and there (and the chance of winning that iPad doesn't hurt, either), but not really to sit down and read. And these teasers are killing me!

  12. Thanks for the excerpt! The teaser got me wanting for more :D

  13. I'm loving it! A lot of talk is good and it's what i missed in most of sci-fi I read.

  14. Comprehensive tour, with a great giveaway to boot! Thank you...


  15. Thanks for the excerpt. It makes me want to read more...


  16. Wow! I want more. I will definitely read this one no matter what.


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