Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pic2Book Daily Challenge #64

Guess the Book Title

This is a daily challenge where you guess the book title just by looking at the pictures. This game is inspired by the game Scene it? and it's one of my favorite challenges in it! If you want to participate and don't want any spoilers don't read the comments. I'll post the answer of this challenge in tomorrow's post.

What's this book's title?

Paper Towns by John Green

Paper Towns

Thanks to:  

For participating in last week's challenge!!! 


  1. Life of Pi? What an interesting book title :)

  2. I give up. Can't get this one! Looks like others aren't sure either. Good one.

  3. LOL. I was gonna say pregnant pie until I saw the comments.

  4. Ha, The Life of Pi, I totally had to cheat. Good one!

  5. The life of Pi. I totally cheated on this one too cause I was confused but couldn't walk away without knowing. LOL Realy good one, a total stumper. I hadn't even heard of it. You're awesome!

  6. I cheated too. I thought about pregnant pie too! silly me! I also thought dempsey somthing too!

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    Michikit :)


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