Saturday, December 31, 2011

Element Keepers by E.P. Marcellin

Element Keepers by E.P. MarcellinRhet guts fish for a living. His live is pretty simple; he works and hangs out with his friend Peteal. The only thing out of the ordinary in his town is himself. He’s different from everybody, he has dark hair and he’s tall but everybody in his town is blonde and short. One day while working, nine exotic looking women took him and his friend prisoners without saying why. What Rhet doesn’t know is that he has the power to destroy the world.
I had a hard time getting to remember the names of towns and people, but I got used to it and it was easier to understand where Rhet was and where he was going next. One of my favorite parts was when Marcellin describes how The Rinsa choose their husbands. I liked how fresh and original Marcellin’s writing was.

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