Saturday, December 31, 2011

Folly by Marthe Jocelyn

Mary Finn is unmarried and pregnant. Her baby's father has disappeared and she's been dismissed from her domestic position. A kindhearted woman takes her in, but then dies after the baby is born, and Mary is homeless again. She realizes that her son's only hope for survival is to be raised in the Foundling Hospital. Six-year-old James has been happy in his foster home, but now he must return to the hospital, where he was placed by his mother as a baby, so he can receive his education. His third-person narrative, which takes place in 1884, alternates with Mary's first-person account, which is set between 1877 and 1878.
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Folly was a different book. Not exactly my type of book but good anyways. This book was written from 4 different perspective and jumps back and fort between years. To me the author made every voice unique in the book and that way I knew who's perspective I was reading at the time. I grew fond of James quickly. We see him grow throughout the book and there is no way you can't help to care for him.

Folly is sad and realistic because it describe how things were in the past.This book shows how the misinterpretations of events and actions of one person can change completely the faith of another and how little control we have of our own destiny. It also makes you think how different things were back in the 1800s and how now everything it's so easy to accomplish.

I recommend Folly to people that like realistic books and are not easily intimidated by difficult vocabulary.

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  1. I liked this story although the telling could be a bit off putting for some readers. The story is revealed in chapters that alternate view point and chronology so that it's a little like putting together a puzzle. But if the reader is paying close attention they will be able to figure out the connection between the seemingly separate stories.

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