Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where She Went by Gayle Forman

3 years have passed since Mia decided to leave. Now Adam a famous "Rock Star" lives the life most people would kill to have but to him is not what it used to be. Adam doesn't know why Mia never came back. She didn't call to explain why she decided to breakup with him. Somehow they find themselves together in New York and a night of questions, answers, regrets, goodbyes and letting go begins.

Where She Went was an amazing read. Sometimes I think Gayle Forman writes her books with a magical pen. Her characters are so real it hurts when they suffer. My favorite character was Adam, that's why I was so mad at Mia throughout most of the book but then I got why she left (she had her reasons). I loved everything in the book but one of my favorite scenes was when they were in the garden full of fireflies. How the author wrote it was so beautiful that it got stuck to my brain. Overall Where She Went is incredible.

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  1. I really enjoyed this emotional addition to Adam and Mia's story but I think I liked If I Stay more. Maybe If I Stay touched me more or maybe I was just upset at Mia for too long. However, all that to say, Where She Went was still amazing. It was emotional, intense, and Adam and Mia's love story really is one of a kind. They are just perfect. :)

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