Saturday, December 31, 2011

Legend of the Oceina Dragon By J.F. Jenkins

Every 8 years in Oceina Island the priests make a sacrifice to the great water dragon Lord Oceina. The sacrifice has to be a pure girl no older than 18 years old. If they refuse to this sacrifice the island will lose the protection the water dragons offer and will be left at the mercy of other species of dragons that are not as compassionate as they are. What the people from Oceina don’t know is that the sacrifice is not what they think it is, but much more than that.
 This book is a contemporary fantasy with a mix of dragons, high school, spells etc. The author goes straight to the point without leaving out any details. I was engage from the beginning and never felt the need to take a break from the book. The characters were amazing (especially Darien) and the chemistry between Darien and Tai was romantic and funny at times. Is a fantastic and easy read.

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