Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally (11 Birthdays, #2) by Wendy Mass

Finally by Wendy MassRory Is an 11 year old girl who is turning 12 soon, so she has made a list of stuff she is allow to do when the time comes. There’s the little but important things like using the kitchen appliances without any supervision or staying home alone and there’s the big stuff to do like getting her ears pierced and getting a cell phone. Rory is excited to do everything on her list because finally she will be like her friends. Rory will soon realize all her wishes won’t come true.

This book was a surprise! I though I wasn't going to like “Finally” because is for preteens but it was really funny and fast read. I loved Rory and how she handles every situation in the book. What I found more enjoyable in the book was Rory's relationship with her parents. Here is one of my favorite conversations in the book:

Dad scurries along, eyes down, with his hands held up to the right side of his face like he’s shielding it from the sun. “Dad, seriously,” I plead. “People are going to think you stole something”

“I’ll take my chances,” he says without looking up.

“You know, just because you see something in a store window doesn’t mean you have to buy it”

“These places are tricky”

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  1. I really love Wendy Mass's books. I have read almost all of them, and so far they do not disappoint!! I've actually read this book before, and I still love it! The Willow Falls books are my favorite books.... I've read them all and I can't wait for the next one. I'm twelve, but I read this book before when I was 11, so I'd recommend it to girls around 10-12 or so. You really should read these books, they're awesome!

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