Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Piper’s Son By Melina Marchetta

When Tom’s uncle died his family fell apart. His dad became an alcoholic, his mom moved away taking his sister with her and Tom doesn’t want anything to do with his closest friends or the girl he loves. One night while playing guitar at one of his gigs Tom had an accident that took him to the hospital. After he got out he discovers that his roommates kicked him out of their apartment, leaving him on the street with nowhere to go to except to his 42 year old pregnant aunt’s house. After all this misfortune he decides to recover everything that he once had.

The Piper’s Son is the sequel to Saving Francesca and it takes place 5 years after. Is basically a standalone book but I assure you’ll want to read Saving Francesca after you read The Piper’s Son. This book made me want to cry and laugh in every chapter. It’s such a contradiction that a book makes you laugh and cry at the same time but that’s the way it is. The story is sad but the way the characters act is funny and is a perfect balance. The best part is that you know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The stuff that happens to Tom and his family is so sad that I felt their pain because is so realistic that is scary at times. The Mackee-Finch are a normal family, when something bad happens they cry and get mad but they will go on living by helping each other survive. This book makes you realize that before giving up always think that something wonderful might be 12 minutes away from happening.

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